Advancing Hydrogen Technologies for a Low-Carbon Future

Our net-zero strategy includes using hydrogen for our electric, natural gas and transportation goals.

We aim to provide safe, clean and reliable energy services to you, and are transitioning to low- or zero-carbon energy options like hydrogen to support carbon-free electricity, zero-carbon transportation and gas service with net-zero emissions.

Hydrogen is a versatile, carbon-free, and abundant fuel source that produces fewer emissions than natural gas and can be used with existing infrastructure. Large-scale adoption of hydrogen can help reduce carbon emissions in challenging industries, such as transportation and agriculture. It supports our clean energy goals while enabling you to reduce your environmental impact.

Understanding Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It is carbon free and produces fewer emissions than natural gas when used as an energy source.

Hydrogen has been safely used for more than 50 years as a fuel source and to make fertilizer.

Across the globe, communities have implemented hydrogen-natural gas blending systems to deliver low-carbon energy.

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Benefits of Hydrogen

Delivering net-zero gas service by 2050 will require innovation and customer adoption. Your participation in this journey is critical to its success. Maintaining reliability and affordability is essential to achieving our vision.

Cleaner natural gas is an important part of this transition. Using hydrogen will allow us to deliver cleaner energy while meeting your needs.

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Abundant, Versatile Fuel Source

Carbon-free and versatile fuel source that can be used similar to natural gas.

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Reaching a Net-zero

Supports our strategies for carbon-free electricity, net-zero natural gas and zero-carbon transportation.

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Pairs with Existing Technologies

Use existing infrastructure while planning for future expansion as technologies and demand grows.

Safety is Always in Mind

We have the same level of diligence around safety when using hydrogen as we do in all the ways we provide energy to you.

We comply with safety regulations at all levels and our workers are qualified and trained in hydrogen safety for system operations and maintenance.

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Hydrogen Funding

In April 2023, Xcel Energy, in collaboration with neighboring states in our operating areas, submitted applications to the Department of Energy to develop regional, large-scale hydrogen ecosystems via interconnected multistate networks.

If awarded, these funds would allow Xcel Energy to demonstrate emerging technologies at a reduced cost to customers, including long-duration storage and hydrogen production. Applications will be selected in late 2023 for funding. Regardless of the funding outcome of these applications, Xcel Energy will continue to advance technologies and demonstrate hydrogen's value as part of our net-zero energy future.

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Moving the Industry Forward

Learn more about how we are committed to becoming a net-zero energy provider by 2050, while keeping service reliable and your energy bills affordable.


Net-Zero for Natural Gas

To achieve net-zero gas service by 2050, we will implement direct reduction measures for the production, delivery and use of natural gas to the maximum extent possible.

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Advancing Clean Energy Technology

Xcel Energy is using digital technology to help bring you cleaner, safer and more reliable energy.

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Carbon Reduction Plan

Our commitment to a net-zero energy future by 2050 includes aggressive goals that cover all the energy we provide.

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